Hello NYC






It has been half a month since I moved to NYC.  I felt like it has been at least a month of worries and problems that I have gone through with moving process which actually only took about two weeks. I seriously panicked if I was going to be a homeless without the help from my parents from far away. I had no idea it would make me feel this much of loneliness and anxiety to move in to a big-big city like this (as I'm from Tokyo).. I cannot thank enough to my parents in Japan. 

For the past two and half months, I was in St.Louis for an artist-in-residency at Paul Artspace. There, I could totally devote myself in making art everyday, surrounded by trees and nature in a quiet house. This became a very very precious experience for me.  Living everyday, cooking and making myself walk in trees, as if I'm taking care of myself like I am my own pet, I actually learned to love myself. 

So now on, as I actually made it to this big city, surrounded by many different people and fast rolling time, I feel like I can have my own rhythm for my life a lot better than before. I really thank to the good timing of this transition.  Because I see there are so much energy in NYC that everyone works hard!! Everywhere you go, everyone is heading to somewhere. It makes me feel that the destination depends on my heart, either to get lost, or to move on. 

As I got this opportunity to work for the first time after a long life of being a student, I feel a good amount of pressure to start walking by myself. I am glad that I met nice people in job and roommates in this new place. From now on, my life shifts from "working for art" to "working for job" ...but! I believe my job will also contribute to my art eventually in the future. I will enjoy the life of "hidden artist" for a while. I hope you will come back to see me updating little things! Thank you.