Miwa Neishi






Born. 1990,  Tokyo,  Japan

Lives in NYC


B.F.A in sculpture, Niigata University, 2013

M.F.A in sculpture, Kent State University, 2016


Currently working with ceramics at Sculpture Space NYC, Long Island City, NY




My main sources of inspiration are abstract expressionism, merged with prehistoric and ancient clay figurines and calligraphy. By using contemporary materials, reflecting culture presented in our diverse and modernized environment, I wish to continue the legacy of human’s imagination and connection to the ultimate space of life.  Each artwork is free-formed and hand built, while I focus on the extension of lines and harmony of the form; similar to the practice of Japanese calligraphy. Complex or simple, I find every form reflects a character I came across in my life in Japan, Ohio, NYC, and elsewhere.


While my art forms are sculptural and abstract, I wish the audience to find them as familiar as a flower vase – a form of earth that’s carrying life and energy, freely given from nature.



Miwa Neishi

Sep 2020