Japanese Educational....Art?

Japanese Educational Art is my way of outreach to invite people to interact with Japanese culture through my art. 

These materials are made upon requests and can be used for cultural study, workshop, hobby and more! 

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On August 25th, 4pm - 6pm

at Troppus Projects


Coloring ceramic plate workshop



Coloring Japanese Words

This is a designs of Japanese characters and Chinese characters I made for a culture workshop.

This is just like any other coloring you find in the store but is based on the shape of unique Japanese characters. 

Workshops have been held in Kent Ohio area:


Kent Creative Festival 2017

Japan Day at Kent Free Library

Collaging Letter Parts

This is a collage set I made for workshop to paste and arrange parts of Chinese Characters which also are used in Japan. Participants are encouraged to pick up and paste parts in any way they want.  This encourages people to engage and observe foreign language in more direct and interactive way. 

Kana Art

As you can find my work as an example in the Sculpture/Ceramic page, I make art with Japanese characters (called Kana in Japanese.)


I started to make this series of work from my experiences of foreigness in Midwest U.S. to find the middle point of my culture and American culture. 

I also make ornaments, magnets and any speciality art forms upon requests.