Little Tokyo

At Troppus Projects, Kent OH


Photo credit: Troppus Projects

Flower Rangers

made at Kent State University during Artist in Residency. 

February - March 2018


These sculptural pots, "Flower Rangers"are sketched and designed like toy figures first with an "image" of flower arrangement.  Each pot has individual characteristics.  Flowers are selected depending on the pots' color, shape and the numbers of openings.  Learning Ikebana from my own mother back in Japan, the combination of flower arrangement and pots become a playful installation of its own.

Size range: Small:H6, Large:H 13 inches  

Circus Pots

March-April 2018


These assembling pots are stackable and connectable to each other parts.

Every piece functions as a flower pot. Base structures are painted (velvet glazed) in black and white and top structures are colored and patterned differently.  This series is a metaphor of my experience of being a non-white or non-black person to be connectable to each segregated culture in American Society to be juggled around in the circle.

Ceramic Sketches

2018 Jan

at Center for the Visual Arts at Kent State University